Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I woke up late today, following celebrations last night upon being accepted into The Bastards. I logged on to comms, arranged the transfer of modules, ammunition and my collection of the corpses of previous enemies from my old headquarters in the Ladistier system to my new home in Evati. Minutes later I had hastily entered my Crusader, undocked and moved one system over after hearing that Cpt Abestos had found a Sleipnir Command Ship in Todifraun.

Alongside me came Randgris in a Dominix and Cpt Abestos himself in a Curse, forming quite a formidable fleet for a lone Command Ship. We warped to the location Cpt had given us and landed in an asteroid belt, all alone it seemed. Suddenly a new signature flashed up on our overviews. The Sleipnir had apparently warped straight in on top of us. Immediately I locked the target and scrambled his warp drives, activating my afterburners and guns and settling into a close orbit to avoid his gunfire. This proved to be unnecessary however, as not only did our target not move, and simply attempt to shoot at me from a stationary point, but he also had his tracking systems disrupted by the Curse of Cpt Abestos.

Soon the unlucky pilot found himself deep in armour and going down. In an attempt to save his ship he transmitted "Stop guys, please" into the local comms channel, this was followed quickly by a "How much you want?". A quick discussion in fleet communications and we decided to ransom him for 100 million Isk, a fair price for such a ship. Randgris opened negotiations with him and submitted our demands, along with a "Make it fast." We didn't want to find out if he had friends waiting just out of system to jump in and ruin our days.

Luckily for us, he didn't have friends and made the payment quickly, we checked the amount and made our departure, myself and Cpt Abestos ending up at one safespot, Randgris at another, not too far from our own.

I checked over my ships damage logs, not a scratch from the Sleipnir, all within half an hour of waking up. Easiest 33.3 mil I've made in a while...


Monday, 22 December 2008

The Bastards.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I am writing this to announce my acceptance into The Bastards corporation, expect further updates to come concerning future adventures and exploits amongst their ranks.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

An introduction

Greetings, my name is Kalazar Zachan.

Once a believer, defender and subject of the "great" Amarr Empire, now fallen from grace. From the eyes of my one time friends, family and associates. I am now unaffiliated with any government, any higher power except my own conscience, and it feels good...

It was about a year and a half ago that I turned my back on the Empire, and decided to strike out as a freelance capsuleer. And why not? We "pod pilots" are at the top of the food chain, as it were. Immortal, our minds are saved each time our bodies perish, only to be implanted in a fresh clone. All the ships of all factions within New Eden available to us, provided we have the ISK to purchase them... Rich beyond the wildest dreams of millions upon millions of those living planet side. We are truly subject therefore, only to one another.

Since straying from the path of the righteous I have commanded many ships, most of them now lost in the heat of battle. And what battles there have been. Not the tedious, restrained combat the empires ply against one another, spending hour upon hour, day upon day waiting and waiting for only a few hours of combat. No, I am speaking of the thrill of the hunt, of using your on board scanners to track down your prey, of warping in on him, and the ensuing combat, maybe ransoming his ship if circumstances allow, otherwise just destroying him outright and sifting through the wreckage for anything of use.

In the last year and a half I have met many others like myself, some I now am proud to call my friends and comrades, others I would sooner see dead and their clones burned to ash. I have even found love among the stars, in the form of my now second in command, Azadeh Lawliet.

I don't regret or doubt any of my decisions since leaving my old life behind and embarking upon this new one. I may have made mistakes, but as long as I've learnt something from them, then they weren't mistakes.

I now stand upon the brink of the next step in my journey, and I look forward to it.